Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Bohemian Eclectic Parisian Apartment — House Tour

Name: Janaé, Angela, and Simon
Location: 19th Arrondissement —Paris, France
Size: 710 square feet (66 square meters)
Years lived in: 1.5 years, renting

Janaé and her roommates Simon and Angela share this beautiful, bohemian-inspired apartment in the 19th arrondissement in Paris. Decorated with a mix of thrifted furniture and salvaged objects, this apartment is so perfectly cozy and eclectic that you might mistake it for an Anthropologie catalog! This apartment went through a number of roommates until the current trio decided that it was easier with just the three of them, and throughout the roommate turnover, lots of furniture got left behind. Thankfully, this mix-and-matched style speaks perfectly to the roommates' eclectic tastes and personalities.


from Apartment Therapy | Saving the world, one room at a time

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