Friday, June 23, 2017

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: A Beautiful Bathroom Makeover in Just 1 Weekend — Sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond

It's easy to overlook the bathroom. Renovations are expensive, and most of us will put up with a less-than-ideal space until we have the money for a makeover. Still, the lack of a renovation budget didn't stop Jenna. With a full-time job, two dogs, two kids, and another on the way, she's got more than enough to handle, but she and her husband knew they wanted a better bathroom before the baby arrived.

Rather than remodel, Jenna decided to work with what she had. With help from Apartment Therapy and the pros at Bed Bath & Beyond, we managed a total transformation — including a shower upgrade, new fixtures, a whole storage system, and a new color palette — all in a few projects you can totally do in a weekend.


from Apartment Therapy | Saving the world, one room at a time

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