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Best DIY Fruit Picking Sites in Atlanta

Called by some the “crown of the south”, Atlanta is located right in the heart of Georgia. Well known for its music scene and sporting events, Atlanta is a hot spot for young and old alike. The entire state of Georgia is also known for their delicious peaches and Atlanta is no different! In the summer, friends and family will flock to DIY picking sites to pick their own peaches, blueberries (another Georgian staple) and all sorts of appetizing fruits. With the help of this CBS Atlanta article, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to satisfy any sweet tooth —without any added calories! Soak up the sun, grab some of your friends, and spend the day picking your own fruit —maybe even stopping off for a happy hour after!


The Green Door Market

The Green Door Market is a great place to pick your own fruits because it’s much closer that most farms for Atlanta city dwellers. You’ll be able to pick a variety of fresh fruits like blueberries, peaches and so much more! They also provide fun activities for the kids like face painting! Before you go, you’re going to want to stop at the ATM because the Green Door is cash only.


Gardner Farms

Located just south of Atlanta, Gardner Farms is the place you want to come to find those sweet Georgia peaches you crave. But you’ll also find other favorites like blueberries, blackberries, and nectarines. If you want to take a big group on a fun and fresh picking adventure, you can call ahead to make arrangements with the Gardner’s themselves.


Southern Belle Farm

Another farm located south of Atlanta, Southern Belle specialized in homegrown berries, with strawberries being the main attraction. But don’t be fooled because the farm also grows plenty of blackberries and blueberries to go around. They make picking very easy by providing pickers with gallon buckets instead of having to bring your own, which of course is still an option.


Dacula Briar Patch

You can find Dacula Briar Patch in Gwinnett County providing every type of fruit under the son. You’ll see  your classic Georgia fruits like blueberries but you’ll also find others like plums and even grapes. So you’ll essentially find everything you need to make a beautiful summer fruit platter. Call ahead and check out the availability of your favorite fruits so you don’t miss out on anything.


DJ’s U-Pick Blueberry Farm

DJ’s is family owned and they don’t use any pesticides on their produce and takes pride in the blueberries they sell. Serving Georgia for a number of years, it’s a great place to gather up the kids and extended family and have a fun filled day picking delicious berries!




Celebrate the summer months in Atlanta by picking some delicious and fresh fruits. You’ll find so many options beyond the juicy Georgia peach! Take in those warm Georgian months outdoors and take a break from the city life. Take advantage of more outdoor activities in Atlanta and bask in the sunshine, fun-filled summer months!


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