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3 Ways to Deal with Ugly Carpet In Your Rental

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One of the most frustrating aspects of living in a rental is not being able to make permanent changes to it. While this typically means you can’t knock down walls or paint permanent features like cabinets, it also means you can’t remove ugly finishes like bathroom tile, kitchen counters, and carpeting. Since it is expensive and timely to replace, landlords often try to get the most out of a unit’s carpeting. Which unfortunately means you might have to live with dingy, ugly, or dated carpeting until your landlord is ready to swap it out. If you’re living with ugly carpet in your rental, here are three ways to help you hate it less!

Distract Up

One of the best ways to deal with ugly carpet is to distract from it by making your walls (and even your ceiling!) something better to look at. If you’re allowed, paint the walls and/or a ceiling to draw the eye up and away from the floor. You can choose a color that better compliments the carpeting, creating a better overall aesthetic. Or select a color that serves as an attention grabber to help you look at the ugly carpet less.

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Adding other decorative items such as wall treatments (e.g., removable wallpaper and decals), art, light fixtures, and window treatments can also help draw the eye up and away from the floor. Just take caution not to fill your rental with so much stuff that your eye is forced to land on the carpeting just to get some visual “rest.” Simply put, creating a really well-designed space filled with things you love will help you fixate on the ugly carpeting less!

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Cover It Up

Another option is to cover up the ugly carpeting! Thankfully, layered rugs are on trend, so look around your rental to determine if there are logical places to put area rugs or runners. Placing rugs over the carpeting will not only decrease the amount of the ugly carpet you see on a daily basis, but they can also add some fun color and pattern to an otherwise bland space in a very impactful way.

Although the idea of covering up every inch of your ugly carpeting might be tempting, keep in mind that covering it completely is not only impractical (and silly looking!) but would also be quite expensive. Area rugs can be pricey, so try to find budget-friendly area rugs or runners for the rooms that need it the most and/or provide the most bang for their buck. Although any rug you love will work, try to find flat woven rugs. Not only are they a bit less expensive, but they will also sit the most flush against the carpet, reducing any tripping hazards.



Give It a Good Cleaning

Last but not least, try having the carpeting professionally cleaned if it hasn’t been done in a while. Oftentimes, carpet color can look dingy and darker due to dust, dirt and regular wear-and-tear, especially in high-traffic areas. A professional carpet cleaning can lift out a lot of grime that may have settled deep in the carpet, and can leave your floors looking lighter, fresher, and all-together better. While cleaning cannot change the specific pile or color of your carpeting, it can improve something you are otherwise stuck with!

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Ugly carpeting can be frustrating to deal with since it’s often present throughout much of a rental space. Although it’s everywhere, there are things you can do to help make it a bit more livable. Cover what you can, distract up when possible, and give it a good cleaning. If none of these things work, consider asking your landlord to swap it out ahead of schedule. Despite these tactics, however; you might find yourself in a situation where you just have to live with the ugly carpeting you have. In this case, “try your best, and forget the rest”…and the next time you’re looking for a new apartment, consider factoring the carpet color into your decision to sign!

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