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Planning and Executing Tips for Your Next Move

Moving can be a nightmare, no matter how organized you believe yourself to be. But there is a way to combat theses frustrating powers of moving darkness.

If you want to make sure your carefully packed and labeled boxes make the transit from your old apartment to your new apartment with as much order as when you loaded them up, then get ready for a few more steps to make it happen:

1. Pack the Moving Truck With Bedroom Boxes First

Bedrooms are typically at the back of the house or apartment. If you unload all the boxes for the front rooms first, you’ll end up tripping over them or running out of walking room. Instead, be sure to pack the moving truck with all the boxes you need for the bedrooms last, so that they’re the first to come out when you arrive. This will let you stack them neatly out of the way and fill the new place in a fashion that leaves space open for longer.
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2. Pro-Tip: Stack the Delicates High

While it’s important to pack a truck based on priority, one thing remains consistent: always put boxes that contain delicates such as glass or computers as high as you can. If that means putting them on top of furniture, boxes designated for other rooms, or even packing them last second, then do so. While you’re driving the truck, they’re less likely to get smashed if you stop suddenly and they won’t have any weight placed on them by other boxes. It’s worth it if you don’t lose your prized china or have to buy a new laptop.



3. Unload the Furniture Last

Furniture is the most important part of a home, but it’s also takes the most room. If you unload your couches, beds, and tables first, then you’ll find yourself pressed for walking room and space to place boxes. Instead, unload all of your boxes first, which can be stacked in a neat order, and then bring in your furniture. This way, you ensure a path is made ready for when the couches and such come in, and the area will be more orderly for arranging later.

4. Get Crazy Detailed in Your Box Descriptions

When you’re first packing, it may seem easy to just scribble “kitchen” on a box and call it a day. However, if you can’t unpack all at once and need an item for the night, you’ll find yourself going through box after box in frustration. More than that, while you’re officially unpacking, you’ll have to open all of the boxes and pick and choose where each item should go, rather than handling a portion of the kitchen at the time. So be sure to label the exact or general items within, with special descriptions for items you know you’ll need immediately. You can never be too detailed —but you can always regret being less detailed later.


5. Make the Labels Massive —You’ll Thank Yourself Later

In addition to being detailed in your box descriptions, go for the biggest font you can. Most boxes are dark in color and make it hard to read dark colored ink, which may seem minor, but when you’re unpacking a dim truck, it can be valuable time wasted. Go ahead and scrawl in big letters that are easy to decipher later, so helpful movers won’t get mixed up when placing boxes in certain rooms, and you don’t have to double check each box to be sure of what it says.

6. Designate Everyone a Room

When it comes to unpacking, nothing is worse than when everyone is falling overtop each other. Not only is it a question of space, but conflicting opinions on where items should be placed and in what order can make unpacking frustrating and time consuming. Instead, designate each family member or helpful friend a room or a section of the room. They then unpack from the boxes applying to that space and nowhere else. You may have to redo their organizing efforts later, but at least you’re not starting from scratch. This is where detailed descriptions are most helpful —so they know exactly where you want each item.


The trick is all about the planning, so if you nail down these tactics for the next time you pack up everything, you’ll have a smooth road ahead of you. Once you’re settled in, it’s time to start prettying up the place! Check out Damage-Free Ways to Use Pantone’s ‘Greenery’ This Year.

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