Monday, July 31, 2017

How to Save Money in College

Stressed about saving your money in college? Studies show that 70% of college students are worried about their financial situation. There are plenty of expenses that students are responsible for throughout the year. Although, sometimes it seems almost impossible to save your money, there are many ways to do so. Follow these five steps and avoid being a “broke college student.”

Don’t buy new textbooks: New textbooks can be hundreds of dollars. Instead, check to see if your library has the book that you need. If not, ask around and see if you can borrow the textbook from a friend or order/rent the book online for a much better price. Amazon and Chegg let you rent, buy, and sell your textbooks.

Eat out less often: Eating out adds up quickly. Instead of eating out, spend money on groceries or buy a student meal plan. When your friends want to eat out, suggest making a meal together at home instead. Cooking together in the kitchen can be really fun! Both of these options will save you more money than you would expect.

Use your student ID card: Asking for student discounts is an easy way to save money. You would be shocked at how many places accept student ID cards as a way to receive a discount on your purchase. We’re talkin movie theaters, clothing stores, restaurants, museums, gyms, book stores, grocery stores, bowling alleys, etc.   

Shop smarter: Everyone knows how hard it is to walk into Target and only get the few items you came there to get (toothpaste, light bulbs, dishwasher detergent, toilet paper, etc.) Try to think about each item in your cart before buying it. Do you really need it? Also, avoid buying brand items. Generic items are the exact same at a much reduced price.  

Don’t bring your car to school if you don’t need to: Having a car at school can be very expensive. It requires paying for parking, gas, and the several parking tickets you will undoubtedly get. If you can get around without driving and don’t absolutely need your car, then leave it at home. Ask your friends for rides or use the campus/public transportation. Better yet? Walk! It’s a great way to avoid that freshman fifteen.

Time is money, so start saving now with these easy tips! It will be a rewarding feeling when you have a little extra money in your wallet. If you are looking for more budgeting tips to make your life even less stressful, here are six more ways to manage your life on a budget.

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