Friday, June 16, 2017

Who’s a Good Boy? Top 10 Dog Names

Trying to dream up a name for your new pooch? Much like baby names, the popularity of dog names changes yearly. If you want your four-legged pal to be the coolest pup at the dog park, check out our guide to the most popular dog names in America.

The Top 10 Male Dog Names Nationwide:

  • Max
  • Charlie
  • Buddy
  • Cooper
  • Jack
  • Rocky
  • Bear
  • Duke
  • Toby
  • Tucker

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The Top 10 Female Dog Names Nationwide:

  • Bella
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Lola
  • Luna
  • Molly
  • Sadie
  • Sophie
  • Bailey
  • Maggie

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More Fun Dog Name Facts from

  • 28% of dog names in America are human names
  • Celebrity baby names for dogs rose 8% in the last year
  • 53% of dog owners turned to TV, movie, or book characters to choose a new pet’s name
  • People love names from Pokemon and Game of Thrones, with names like Haunter, Skitty, and Bayleaf, Arya, Snow, and Khaleesi making the list
  • Top Harry Potter dog names include Luna, Harry, and Dobby
  • Star Wars and Twilight are favorites with pet parents, with names like Chewbacca, Han and Bella all hitting the list

What Dog Names are Most Popular in My City?

If you don’t want a few dogs showing up when you’re shouting a name in your local bark park, you may want to take a look at what names are the most popular in your own city. To find out what’s popular in your area, visit In the meantime, here’s a sampler of America’s most major cities:

top dog names in chicago



Help! I Don’t Know What to Name My Dog!

Luckily, can help you come up with a few names with their Dog Name Generator. Just enter a few bits of information and find out what you should name your new furry pal.

Do you have a dog? We’d love to see photos and hear your stories of living with your dog in an apartment. Let us know below!

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