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Top 10 Necessities When Moving With Your Pet

Planning a move with your pet?  No sweat!  Just take a little extra time to plan and prepare, and the road trip to your new home can include more fun and less hassle.  A key ingredient to a stress-free move is to make sure you’ve got all of your pet’s moving essentials covered.  Check out the list below to make sure you’re aware of all of your pet’s moving necessities when taking a road trip to your new home.

1. Health Records
Be sure to get a copy of your pet’s medical records from your veterinarian.  You will need to take these to your pet’s new vet in your new hometown.  An even simpler option is for your current vet to transfer the records electronically.

2. Pet Meds
If your pet takes any medications, get a refill and pack it in the car when you move.  Also, it is always a good idea to have a full supply of his preventative heartworm and flea/tick medications on-hand.

3. Updated Pet ID Tag
Get a new ID tag for your pet that includes your new address and contact information.  Additionally, be sure to update the address information associated with your pet’s microchip.  You should do this before you move because the chances of your pet running off or getting lost increase in unsettling situations, such as a move.

4. Blankets and Comforting Items
Your pet’s comfort and safety are essential during your move.  Bring along his favorite blanket, toys or other comforting items for the road trip.  Also, having these items waiting for him in your new home will help him feel more comfortable in his new surroundings.

5. Pet Bed

It just doesn’t feel like home if you can’t sleep in your own bed!  Pack your pet’s bed for the car trip so he can use it if you stay in pet friendly accommodations along your travel route.  You will also want to have it available for him in your new home, as this is a familiar item that will bring him comfort and help him to relax.

6. Plenty of Water and His Regular Food
Bring along plenty of water for the car trip, as pets can easily become dehydrated from all the excitement, and panting, while in the car.  Packing bottled water is easy and safe for him to drink, and you can even pack crushed ice to avoid too much water all at once.  Likewise, it’s best to have enough of his regular food available, and for at least a few days after you arrive at your new home.  Also when traveling, resist the temptation to let your pet snack on any fast food that you might eat along the way.

7. Travel Bowls
Remember to pack your pet’s travel bowls for the car.  If you need to save space, and if your pet won’t mind, you may want to look into collapsible pet travel bowls.

8. Vehicle Safety Device Designed for Pets
One necessity that is so important but often neglected is safely securing your pet in your vehicle with a pet safety device.  There are many options available such as pet travel crates and kennels, pet seat belts, pet car seats, and vehicle pet barriers.  Remember to allow your pet some time to become comfortable with the device you choose, especially if he has never used one.

9. Seat or Cargo Cover for Your Vehicle
Just like at home, pets can leave behind hair, muddy paw prints, and those unfortunate “accidents.”  If your vehicle’s seats and interior are protected, these pet leftovers will not be a concern during your move.  You can find car seat covers and cargo area protectors for any size vehicles, so make the small investment for a huge relief.

10. Doggie Poop Bags
Pet waste bags are important to pack when you are moving with your pet.  There’s nothing worse than stepping in a pet’s left-behind mess, so do the right thing and clean-up after your pet on your road trip pit stops.  And, your new neighbors will be glad to see that you are using proper poop etiquette to keep your new neighborhood clean for all.

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