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Keeping Your Pet Happy and Safe When Moving Into Your New Apartment

You did it! You finally arrived at your new apartment! As you are unpacking and settling in, don’t forget the importance of making sure your furry family member feels safe and welcome. This is his new home too, and he will be more comfortable and relaxed as he becomes familiar with his new surroundings.

Your pet needs to experience the safety and security that comes with getting to know his new territory and his new apartment home. The following tips will help keep your pet safe while also helping him feel more at ease with the entire moving process.

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Happy and Safe When Moving Into Your New Apartment

Make Sure Your Pet is Safe and Secure When You Move-in
The best option for your pet on move-in day is to stay at a friend’s or family member’s house, or a trusted pet daycare. If these options are not available, then you should place your pet in a quiet room in your apartment, and hang a “do not enter” sign on the door. Additionally, if your pet is crate trained, let him hang out there during move-in, tucked away from the noise and commotion. It is important to check on your pet often to make sure he is okay and to let him know that you are nearby.

Pet Prep Your Apartment
For your pet’s peace and comfort, be sure he has something familiar to greet him in his new surroundings. Make him a special “little spot” all his own in the kitchen or living room, or wherever he liked to hang out in your old home. Add his favorite blanket, dog bed and toys so he can associate this new spot with comfort and familiarity. Make sure the items are unwashed because smelling the familiar scents will help him feel more at ease in his new apartment home.

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Happy and Safe When Moving Into Your New Apartment

Tour the Hood
Grab your pet and head out for a jaunt around your new neighborhood. It’s important for him to get the “lay of land.” He’ll enjoy getting to know the new sights, smells, and sounds and maybe make some new friends.

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Happy and Safe When Moving Into Your New Apartment

Be Patient
Moving to a new apartment is a huge life change in your pet’s eyes. Couple this with the possible road trip you took to get there, and the break from his normal routine, and you’ve got a pet who doesn’t know whether to sit, stay or run. If your pet appears somewhat out of sorts just be patient and give him some time. Most likely he will return to his old self when he is feeling more “at home.”

Keep Your Pet’s Microchip and ID Tags Current
If your pet has a microchip, you should make sure that your new address is listed on your pet’s account. You should also get a new ID tag for your pet, with your new address, cell phone number and email if possible. It is also wise to have a current photo of your pet, just in case he gets lost in your new neighborhood. When you move, your pet’s anxiousness and uncertainty may increase the chance that he will run away, so updating your contact information will help ensure he is found.

Resume Daily Routine
You can’t deny that there will be changes, for both you and your pet, when you move into your new apartment. Carrying-on with your previous routine will give comfort to your pet and help him assimilate more quickly to his new home. So, the sooner you can get him back into his normal daily walks, playtime, and mealtime – the better!

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Happy and Safe When Moving Into Your New Apartment

Locate a New Veterinarian
If you already have some recommendations from your previous veterinarian, or if you did prior research on nearby veterinarians, then you are one step ahead. If you are starting from scratch, then ask your new neighbors or look for online recommendations. When you have compiled a list, take your pet along with you to visit some of the veterinarian options that appeal to you. He can help you pick which doctor may be the best one for him.

Moving into a new apartment with your pet takes a lot of preparation, planning, effort and time. However, the new experiences can strengthen the pet/parent bond as you both encounter everything for the first time, together. Before long, you can begin to make a new life in your new apartment, a place where you will both soon think of as home. Do you have any other tips for moving with your pets? Get started on your search for a pet friendly apartment now!


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