Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Transform Anything with Paint

You can transform anything with paint and a little creativity. Adding paint to a room or an accessory is an affordable way to get an entirely new look in just a few minutes. Grab your paint brush and the color of your dreams and give your space an instant refresh.

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When most people think of transformations with paint, they think of furniture. Turn any old piece that you find in a thrift store or even on the curb into something special with a little paint. Try your favorite color or a mixture of a few colors. Don’t forget the knobs! They can be painted as well.

transform anything with paint

You don’t have to stop with your indoor furniture! Think about those items outdoors that may need a refresh. Furniture, pots, planters, and more can all benefit from a coat of paint. The harsh winter often wreaks havoc on your outdoor items, so spring is a perfect time to plan an outdoor makeover.

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Did you know that you can paint more than just the wood on your furniture? The upholstery is often able to be painted as well. Look for paint that is made for fabric and give it a try on an old worn out chair. You may just be surprised at the amazing results.

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Think beyond furniture to the accessories in your home. Give shelves, ceramics, frames, baskets, and so much more a facelift with a little paint. You can transform an entire room just by painting the things that are decorating it a cohesive color.

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Even plastic items can be painted for an entirely new look. Take a trip to your local dollar store and think about things that can be painted to give them an entirely new look. For $1 plus some paint, you can come away with the storage baskets of your dreams!

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Don’t stop with just regular paint. Chalkboard paint is easy to use and can really make a statement. Think about organizing your home with a bit of chalkboard paint on a few surfaces. Using chalkboard gives a great contrast with the black but also allows you to easily change things up by just erasing it away.

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Think beyond your furniture and accessories to the walls of your home. You can paint them all in one color or go a bit bolder with creative painting techniques and even stencils.

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Your entire kitchen can be transformed just with a little paint on the cabinets. White is standard but you can also think outside the box to any color that you love. Give it a try! It is just paint after all!

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Look around your space at all of the possibilities. It can be the apartment of your dreams and all it takes is just a little paint and some of your time. Start small and work your way up. Remember you can transform anything with paint so get started today!

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