Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to Make the Most out of a Tiny Kitchen

Chances are high that your apartment doesn’t have a tremendous amount of kitchen space. And even if it does, you’re probably always looking for a way to maximize the space you have. And Laura Kinsella, the owner of New York City-based Urban OrgaNYze, is here to help. Her professional home organizing company specializes in “decluttering, organizing, and streamlining unique NYC spaces,” she says. “Living and working in NYC, I certainly can appreciate utilizing every last inch of square footage, especially in a kitchen, the hub of the home.” Here are her top tips for making the most of your small kitchen:


Stack Shelves in Cabinets

“Adding these maximizes shelving space, by allowing you to use the vertical space in a cupboard. It essentially gives you an extra shelf without having to reconstruct what you’ve got as a renter. They are affordable, and instantly add extra storage,” Kinsella says. “I love the bamboo line at The Container Store because they are durable and elegant.”

Store items on your door or cabinet doors

“There are so many ways to utilize this often forgotten about storage area. Mounting a rack for spices or canned goods/jars, or adding command hooks for pot lids are little ways to free up space off counters, without needing a power drill. Command hooks are a small kitchen’s best friend,” she says.


Invest in an Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

If you’re short on counter space, try an over-the-sink cutting board. You simply place this on top of your sink when you’re chopping veggies.

“So many of my clients believe they can’t cook in their kitchens because they have no obvious prep room, but it’s about making the space work for you. Adding a cutting board over the sink instantly adds counter space and makes clean up that much easier,” Kinsella says.

S hooks, S hooks, S hooks

You can use S-hooks to hang items from various towel bars and rods in your apartment.

“They work for pots, pans, kitchen utensils, and the list goes on. IKEA sells an infinite number of S hook/rail combinations (starting at $6.99 may I add!) and are fantastic for spaces with limited storage,” she says.



Add a Rolling Cart

Another one of her favorite products? Rolling carts. These “are lifesavers for adding storage without the cost of remodeling and can be utilized in and out of the kitchen,” she says. Store yours under an open counter, leave it out in the open or roll it to another room or closet. Her favorites are from IKEA and cost $29.99.

“They’re fantastic for those extra plates or bulky appliances that you may not be using on the daily, but want to pull out for guests or holiday parties,” Kinsella says.

Buy a Pot Rack

“A great way to free up precious cabinet space is to store these items on a hanging pot rack right from your ceiling. Not only will you eliminate cabinet clutter, but they make for great conversation pieces! For those who are vertically challenged (like myself) or have exceptionally tall ceilings, pegboards on an open wall (or side of a cabinet) work just as well and can be adjusted to any height,” she suggests.

She also advises that apartment renters pare down their pot collections to just the essentials to keep clutter. Try hanging on to what you only use and throwing out the rest.


Relocate (most of) your Cleaning Supplies

Where should your cleaning supplies go? Under the sink.

“Tension rods are fantastic for hanging sprays you use after every cooking session and can be installed in less than five minutes,” Kinsella says. “For items you use weekly or monthly, store in a pocket door organizer inside a linen or hall closet where products can be concealed, but still organized and easily accessible.”

Double Items as Décor

“Wooden cutting boards can easily hang from a wall, and serve as ‘artwork’ when they prove to be too bulky/awkward in a cabinet,” she says.


Learn how to make the most of all the space you do have in your apartment. Happy kitchen decorating!

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