Friday, June 2, 2017

How to Fix Jammed Kitchen Drawers

Don’t get stuck with a stuck drawer. If your kitchen drawers are jammed, it’s time for a repair. There’s no need to get a repairman for the job. is here to show you how to fix a kitchen drawer yourself.

When it comes to sticky drawers, you’ll first want to take the drawer completely out. This will let you see if there’s anything blocking the drawer’s movement.

If you don’t find anything, you’ll next need to lubricate the runner or rail — that’s the part that the drawer slides along. You can lubricate the runner with bees wax, candle wax, or even soap. Put the drawer back in and test. If it moves freely — success!

Sometimes, drawers become jammed when they experience wear and tear over time, preventing them from fitting correctly. If this is the case, you can remove the drawer and sand the bottom drawer edges with some sandpaper. Only sand a bit at a time to avoid doing too much, after receiving your property manager’s permission of course. Test the drawer each time you sand until you find the right fit.

It’s that easy. Now you know how to fix a kitchen drawer that won’t open easily!

*We can’t promise you that the following techniques won’t get you in trouble with your property manager. Before you start any of these projects, make sure that you get written permission.

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