Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Budget Dollar Store Decorating Ideas

You do not need to spend a fortune to spruce up your new, or next, apartment. Dollar store finds can often be just what you are looking for to add that special touch to any room. Get inspired by our ideas and then head out to stalk the dollar stores near you. You may just find a steal that you can pass by!

dollar store decorating ideas

Adding a touch of greenery with plants is a great addition to any room. Pick up adorable planters of all shapes and sizes for dirt cheap at your local dollar store. Pick plants that are easy to grow and propagate. Soon you will have a little green in every room of your home.

dollar store decorating ideas-001

Think about the shape of the object and not necessarily the color. A can of spray paint can fix just about anything and transform it to fit right into your space. Here we used a cheap plastic tray spray painted gold to organize some jewelry. A tray like this one will look great on a nightstand and will only set you back a few dollars total.

dollar store decorating ideas-002

The dollar store is full of smart storage options that can also decorate your home. Mason jars are always an affordable way to store a variety of things around your home. Think about using them on counters in bathrooms and kitchens.

dollar store decorating ideas-004

Baskets are always affordable as well. Here we used a pile of mismatched baskets with lids to create functional storage in an awkward corner. The stack dresses up the space but provides a place for hidden storage as well.

dollar store decorating ideas-003

Sturdier metal baskets can do double duty as storage and decor on any wall. Items that play a dual role are especially helpful in smaller apartments.

dollar store decorating ideas-005

When you are on the hunt, do not let the color of any object affect your purchase. The gray bins pictured above were red and purchased for $1 each. A can of silver spray paint was all that was needed to make them blend perfectly into this space.

dollar store decorating ideas-006

Frames are another dollar store steal that can be used in any room. Create a gallery wall with frames of all sizes and shapes. Just spray paint them all the same color to create a cohesive look that will work in any space.

dollar store decorating ideas-007



You can even use frames and shadowboxes for functional storage that doubles as decor. Take a look at the items at your local dollar store with new eyes. Those pieces can be used to decorate your home on a very tight budget and they will look like you spent way more. Just remember to think about how the items will fit in your space and the fact that a little paint can fix anything.

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