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Best Vegan and Organic Eats in San Francisco

San Francisco is the place to be for unique and culturally iconic food joints —and that’s not just limited to the meaty dishes. If you are looking for great totally organic, locally grown, or completely vegan places to dine at in the Bay Area, these are some of the top rated based on quality, the flare of the restaurant, and how much the locals rave.

Want a taste of organic or vegan like you’ve never tried before? Then grab a friend, pull out your phone to share about it on Instagram, and get ready to have your taste buds tantalized and your palate ruined for imported, frozen, or store-bought foods.


1. Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is a fantastic, totally organic vegetarian Mexican restaurant. It’s hard for meat eaters to imagine a Mexican meal without loads of chunky meat on the plate —let alone one that tastes great— but Gracias Madre has performed culinary magic in doing just that. They have some of the most amazing Mexican dish recipes, all created from fresh grown vegetables as well as the very best homemade tortillas.

They do serve select cheeses and sour creams, but offer dishes that keep your dining experience exclusively vegan upon request. A fan favorite is their grilled zucchini and fried peaches, with some of the best mole sauce found anywhere in the state. Add that all to their creamy chipotle dressing and you’ll be asking for seconds. They also offer take-out and delivery, which is great for those quiet evenings at home when you’d rather a fantastic meal during Netflix marathoning instead of out on the town.


2. The Plant Café Organic

The Plant Café Organic is one of the very best when you’re looking for organic, delicious, healthy —and most importantly, affordable —meals. Their dishes are only made with ingredients that happen to be in season at the time of your visit, since everything they serve is locally grown from organically certified farms. Not such a big deal since it is warm, sunny California where most fruits and vegetables are grown year-around, but it shows an extra level of attention towards quality.

If your friend doesn’t share your food preferences, then don’t worry; they cater to the desires of both full-on vegans as well to meat eaters. They serve Asian and American foods in some of the most amazing recipe combinations you will ever find. All plant ingredients are freshly picked, usually that day or the day before, all their seafood ingredients are caught wild and never farm grown, and their poultry comes from fully organic range-fed farms.

3. Golden Era Vegan Restaurant

If you’re looking for a splash of culture with your meal, then Golden Era Vegan Restaurant is as much dinner as a show. They serve classic American vegan dishes as well as Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and even some amazing Indian recipes so you can get a wide range of cultures across the menu. As a bonus, there’s no need to question the waiter —they serve exclusively vegan food, with no dairy products whatsoever, as well as no honey, meats, or eggs.


4. Greens Restaurant

According to the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper, Greens Restaurant is one of the 100 Top Restaurants in the area. All their recipes are meatless, but they do offer cheeses as well as some of the best wines that California has to offer. Their organically grown ingredients create meals that will tantalize your taste buds while their incredible view catches your eyes. The restaurant’s open seating with an earthy atmosphere overlooks the marina with stunning sights of Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge, giving it a simple charm that makes dining a delightful experience for locals and tourists.

5. Judahlicious

A smaller place that’s perfect for getting together with friends for a cozy dinner, this organic vegan restaurant is a favorite for their signature menu item: fresh, home-made juices and smoothies, which are always made-to-order. The rich earthy flavors prepared to perfection at Judahlicious will keep you coming back for more, great for a quick break while you’re touring the city on bike or foot.



When you’re looking for a healthy meal that has all the culture and originality of San Francisco, then stop into a few of these places to taste the best the city has to offer. If you can’t get enough of the local food, then check out the Pros and Cons of Individual-Lease Apartments to get the best price for the ritzy area.

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