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Best Bike Rentals and Trails in Orlando

Some of the best sights in Orlando are away from the busy tourist hubs or the noisy main city. Why not get a bit of excise as well? With several nature trails to explore, all catering to pedestrians and bicyclists, there’s so much more to see other than Disney World and other better-known Florida destinations.


All you need is a bicycle, some water, a few friends to appreciate the views with you, and you can take out the trails for a lesser known but more stunning sides of the tourist hotspot. Experience the warm sunshine on your face, the gentle ocean breeze filling the air, and get the chance to see native wildlife up close and personal. If you don’t own a bike or don’t know where to start, here are a some of the best bike rental shops to choose from. Each offer tips and maps for the best trials to see.

1. West Orange Trail Bikes and Blades

This is an outstanding place to rent top-quality Raleigh bikes. The staff is professional and experienced in the kind of gear you need for different terrain, and can make recommendations based on your trailing experience or what you’re looking to see out and about. You can ride by the hour for under $10 or take an all day trip for around $30 per person.

As their name implies, they are very proud and knowledgeable about Orlando’s West Orange Trail, a twenty-four mile path that slithers along the beautiful Lake Apopka and through the picturesque town of Winter Garden. They also offer the Coast to Coast Connector Trail for those who are up to a day long ride. This trail starts at Playalinda Beach, on the Atlantic coast, and ends in St. Petersburg, on the Gulf coast. This scenic trail is just over two-hundred and fifty miles, is fully paved, and will knock off a huge item from your bucket list if you’re looking to see the best of Florida.


2. Evolve Bicycles and Bike Rentals

If you want a longer ride or enjoy camping while biking, then Evolve Bicycles and Bike Rentals is the cost effective choice for renting by the hour, the day, or even the week. It’s also the perfect place to pick up accessories for your own personal bicycle, or to get a free map of some of the greatest trails in the Orlando area. Whether you are into an adventurous day of peddle work or whether you would rather rent an electric bicycle, Evolve has more than enough options to choose from. They cater to the experienced competition riders as well as to beginners.


3. Winter Garden Wheel Works

If you want to own a bike that’s Florida-ready, or if you’re a beginner and want a few tries at the thing before you make a commitment to a trail, the Winter Garden Wheel Works is a great place to rent, test ride, or buy bicycles of nearly every brand. You can rent a bike and just head out along scenic roads, cruise through town, or explore some fantastic nature trails. They offer a sixty-two mile trail tour ride as well as an hundred mile tour ride that allows you to explore all the natural and man-made beauty of the surrounding area.



4. Celebration Bike Rentals

Located just twenty miles from Orlando is Celebration Bike Rentals in the charming town of Celebration. Known as ‘The Town That Disney Built,’ the pre-1940s town is a joy to peddle though. You can stop for lunch, enjoy the outdoors, or snap an album full of pictures here. It is a few minutes out of Orlando, but it’s totally worth the trip to see, especially on a bicycle.

The nostalgic town is picture perfect and elegant. Designed with cyclists in mind, Celebration has over ten miles of picturesque trails. Celebration Bike Rentals are dependable bikes and even come with cycling guides that will tour you through the fairy-like neighborhoods, known for their world-class architecture, along the downtown area, waterfront trails, winding paths with abundant native plants and animals. This is a leisurely ride with plenty of photo opportunities available year-around as weather permits.


Next time you visit Orlando, consider skipping the cramped tour buses and instead rent a bicycle. If you think you might need to tone up a bit first, here are a few 5 Easy Exercises You Can Do Right in Your Apartment to help prepare you for a short or long trail ride.

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