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Space-Saving Hacks for a Storage-less Bathroom

It’s so easy to underestimate bathroom storage needs. After all, how much room could a few bottles and some towels take up? The reality is that those small items pile up until they can practically fill a whole closet. If you’re tired of balancing toiletries on the edge of your sink or hunting at the back of your cabinet for the cotton swabs, it’s time to find an affordable and simple solution. Here are a few clever tricks to cure your space shortage.

Cut into Corners

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When you don’t have an abundance of empty wall space on which to hang open shelves, check out the tiny corners and nooks. There’s probably quite a bit of potential tucked in these spaces. This bathroom has a ledge above the toilet that could probably hold two or three items maximum, but this creative bathroom guru made the most of the space to store abundant essentials. A little stool tucked under the sink to reach the high shelves would make this a perfect setup.

Live Life on the Ledge

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image via Theydons Life

A window ledge can be the perfect place to stock your supplies. If your bathroom offers very little room to add DIY storage solutions, consider a window replacement project that will give you a built-in ledge or shelf. Replacing old windows can also help your home maintain a more comfortable temperature. No one likes freezing when they get out of the tub!

Install a Cabinet with Mixed Storage Options

Look for cabinets perfectly configured to fit above the toilet. That’s often an area of wasted space that you can take advantage of. This cabinet offers the perfect mix of closed storage for personal items and open storage for easy access to guest supplies. Keeping those guest/host boundaries in place can be difficult in a bathroom that lacks storage, but this is a great way to make people feel at home without forcing them to rifle through your medicine cabinet for toilet paper.

Turn Hygiene Supplies into Displays

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There’s nothing more satisfying than a successful DIY project—except a DIY project that doubles as useful and decorative. Cotton balls may not be your idea of decor, but paired with some upcycled wood and fun containers, you can make just about any bathroom supply a decoration. This is the perfect solution for items like makeup brushes, combs, and razors. Just make sure you don’t lean too hard into the decorative aspect and make the supplies hard to access. Think functional first!

Organize a Vanity Tray


The amount of clutter in your bathroom may not be directly due to a lack of space; it could be simply how you use the space. If these products were scattered across the counter, this bathroom might feel like it belonged to a toiletry hoarder. But a vanity tray reigns them in and makes them easily accessible.



Hopefully one of these bathroom storage hacks works to corral all of your apartment bathroom essentials. If not, you can always consider adopting a minimalist style!

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