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Most Unusual Museums Found in Las Vegas

You would think that museums are only for historians who cringe at the sound of a penny being dropped on the museum floor. But for Vegas museums, they’re beyond the normal exhibition you would find anywhere else. That’s why you have got to visit one of these three unusual museums found only in Las Vegas.


Neon Museum

With Las Vegas’s ever-changing style throughout history, the city is always going in with the new and out with the old. Fortunately for the native locals or the tourists who want to soak up Vegas’s originality, the Neon Museum founded in 1996 will do just that.

In the Neon boneyard which is the outdoor exhibit of the museum, you will find two-acres of vintage neon signs that were from some of Vegas’s many iconic casinos. Such famous signs include Caesars Palace, the Stardust, Golden Nugget, and Binion’s Horseshoe. Even the visitor center is located within the four walls of the old La Conchca Motel Lobby. For special events and photo shoots, the North gallery of the Boneyard has been made accessible which consists of more salvaged signs.

Guided tours are available to the public throughout the week where you will get a historical breakdown of the story and design behind each sign.


Mob Museum

The Mob Museum brings you back into history for organized crime and law enforcement throughout the country with Las Vegas being one of the many places to be impacted. Although it was something that has always been kept on the down-low and very hush-hush, Downtown Las Vegas is audacious enough to share the real life stories with you. The museum gives you an exclusive view of the characters and events between the law and the mob all the way back to 1882 when the first future “Big Boss” was born in New York City.


With the adversity of the organized crimes that took place throughout history, the Mob Museum goes in-depth with interactive multi-sensory exhibits along with hundreds of artifacts to be seen and heard including live surveillance, courtroom hearings, and a chance to touch a million bucks.


The National Atomic Testing Museum

The mission of The National Atomic Testing Museum is to preserve history and educate the public on Nuclear Testing. This Nevada test site teaches visitors the effects of 70 years of nuclear testing in history through 8,000 square feet of 12,000 astonishing exhibits and artifacts.

Exhibits include The Ground Zero Theatre where you get to experience a simulated atmospheric bomb blast, discovering how natural and man-made radiation is handled, how many came to make the Atomic Bomb, underground testing history, and even how to survive an Atomic Bomb. You’ll even find some rare memorable artifacts such as two pieces from the World Trade Center and a piece of the Berlin Wall.

With the astounding and unusual exhibits and artifacts offered at any of these three Las Vegas museums, you are bound to be amused. Make a day out of it to visit these uncommon collections that are sure to teach as well as entertain.



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