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Top Mom-and-Pop Restaurants in Las Vegas

So you’re in the mood for something good to eat but not the same old restaurant chain that you can practically find on any corner. You’re looking for something a bit more original. Well, you have come to the right place. Here is the top list of Mom-and-Pop restaurants found only in Las Vegas.

Carlito’s Burritos & Live Fire Q

Carlito’s Burritos New Mexican cuisine recently moved from a small spot to a bigger building located on 4300 E Sunset Rd. It now offers a complete duo between its original New Mexico style food and newest addition, Live Fire Q’s California style BBQ.


If you’ve never had a New Mexican style dish before, it’s different than Mexican food. With Carlitos original menu you can enjoy the Chile Rellenos smothered with either green or red sauce, a side of the guac and chips, pork posole, and for dessert a sopapilla drizzled with honey.

Chicago Joes

On the outside you could mistake this small brick building for just your average home but inside is where you’ll get a taste of Italy and cultural heritage brought back by Joe himself. This hidden Las Vegas gem has been in the family for 30 years and is now run by nephew Joe and his wife Marlene who you can find in the kitchen cooking up some genuine dishes.

The best traditional dishes to taste at Chicago Joes are the Eggplant Parmigiana, Cheese Ravioli, or Spaghetti. Don’t forget to complete your dining experience with your dessert of choice including a Cannoli, Spumoni, or Tiramisu.

Osaka Japanese Bistro

Vegas has many Japanese restaurants to choose from but you can’t miss the one that started it all. Osaka was established back in 1967 as the first Las Vegas Japanese restaurant and has been highly rated throughout the years.

Osaka is a family owned bistro run by the second generation of the Nakanishi family. This bistro carries exotic fish that are usually only found in Japan, from the Katsuo to the Sayori. Osaka sushi is made by the former adjudicator of the National Sushi Competition. Shingo Aihara and all other authentic dishes are prepared by award-winning Japanese chefs.

Lola’s Louisiana Kitchen

Step into some good ole’ southern cooking like the kind you would find in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you want to save yourself a trip to Mardi Gras, you can enjoy yourself a ‘Po Boy’ at one of Lola’s cajun-creole Louisiana Kitchen locations here in Las Vegas.

Lola’s can also whip up some of your other favorites like the house specialty, Bronzed Catfish and grits, or a family favorite, Mama’s red beans and rice. Make sure to include a side of Mardi Gras coleslaw and Louisiana sweet potato fries.

Windy City

In this laid back little joint you will be sure to bite into a taste of Chicago. This family owned street shop has two locations to enjoy some beefs-n-dogs along with deep dish pizzas.

It started back when the owner had a lifelong dream to open a hot dog joint after seeing all the other hot dog stands growing up in Chicago. Once he made the move to Las Vegas, he knew Vegas needed a little taste of Chicago and that’s when Windy City came into place.


Order up any Chicago-style dishes from a Maxwell Street Polish to a Corned Beef Reuben. If you want the “Best of Both Worlds”, you can have both the Vienna hot dog and beef sandwich combo. Don’t forget the Davenco Gyro.


So what do you think? Let this be a challenge to step into the unknown and embrace some of the best Mom-and-Pop restaurants found only in Las Vegas.

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