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Tips For Finding The Best Internet And Cable Provider

Moving to a new place is an exciting change. Between deciding on decorations and picking out furniture, there is a lot to look forward to. However, there are also some tough decisions and daunting tasks. Most apartments, inclusive or not, require you to set up your own cable and internet. Living in 2017 isn’t really living without being able to access Instagram on the daily, so it’s best to line up your installation time for the same day as or the day after your move. Any longer and you will have serious Netflix withdrawals.

To find the best services and get the most bang for your buck, follow these service provider searching tips.

cable internet 01Start early

A few weeks before you move is the best time to sign up for cable and internet providers for a few reasons. First, it cuts down on your moving stress. Switching all your mailing addresses and signing up for possible utilities, as well as organizing the physical move—it all adds up. By starting a couple weeks prior to the big day, you will alleviate some of the pressure. Another important reason to begin this process early is to book your installation appointments and avoid waiting for your utilities to be set up after you’ve moved in. Cable and internet providers are busy and so are their installation technicians. It’s not unheard of to have to wait for an appointment until week or two after your initial order. So if you want to watch the latest Game Of Thrones episode on Sunday night in your new pad, book ahead!

Shop around

The market for cable and internet providers is competitive. Most companies are eager to one-up the next and provide lower rates. A breakdown of the top ten providers according to Top Ten Reviews found that Comcast was the best provider, but the differences between choices are minimal. Aside from the big names, some cities have smaller companies that may be worth researching.

Take into account not only the prices but also the providers’ reliability. Try searching online forums for previous issues and recurring problems. Nothing is worse than getting internet only to find your videos constantly buffering.

cable internet 02Double check your location

Before you get your heart set on a provider and a package, double check that they serve your area. You may find that the company with the best deal isn’t in your state, or your city, and you have to go with plan B. For instance, Comcast XFINITY internet is only available in 41 states. Verizon’s FIOS Network has even more limited availability, only found in 9 states. Check online for coverage maps and know what wifi and cable options are in your neighborhood.

cable internet 03Pay for the speed and gigabytes you’ll use

Streaming Netflix, watching videos on YouTube, and online gaming consume internet bandwidth quickly. In order to pay a reasonable monthly fee and avoid extra charges, pick a plan that suits your needs. If you use the internet to check your email, browse Facebook, and poke around on Reddit, then you don’t need a huge amount of gigabytes or a lot of speed. On the other hand, if you enjoy Call of Duty or binge watching your favorite show, you likely need more speed and more gigs. The key to avoiding extra charges is rounding up with your services. If you think you may use up 400+gigabytes, then you will benefit from an unlimited plan. Better to have too much than to end up going over your limit and paying for it.

When it comes to cable, it’s debateable whether purchasing a package is worth the price. The selection and variety of channels available is a decision you should consider based on your preferred shows, as well as the amount of time you sit in front of the tube.


Now that you’ve narrowed down your options and picked your service provider and plan, your installation appointment will be coming up fast. Plan ahead to make sure you’re off work and at home for the entire time window given. It can be a pain spending all that time at home, but missing that appointment could mean waiting days or weeks for another one.

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