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Lower Your Bills: A Guide To Getting The Best Utility Rates

You got the keys to your new place, congratulations! Only one problem — it’s not all inclusive. Renting where utilities are extra involves an extra monthly bill. To make sure that bill is as low as possible, look around, ask questions, and avoid the small-print tricks.


Utility bills are not all equal. With deregulated services, any licensed company can swoop in and offer a lower rate. Knowing the differences between providers can save you a considerable amount of cash. Use this guide to secure the best rates in your state and keep your bills to a minimum —adulting is hard enough as it is.

Do Your Research


The internet makes it possible to get information about anything at any time. Take advantage of it and look up your state’s general utility information and a list of licensed suppliers. Pop your zip code into Power2Switch and get rates from various suppliers quickly. Before making a switch in companies or starting a new account, make sure you read all the information available.

Stay Sharp

Much like the light dangling from a deep sea fish, utility companies use attractive signing bonuses to draw you in. These may seem like great deals but they often have a catch. Low introductory rates expire, which can leave you with staggering rates after. Always ask what after promotion rates will be.

Check for auto-renewals. Some contracts will state an automatic renewal at the end of the term. If giving permission for the company to go ahead and renew your contract without you makes you nervous, don’t sign on.

Watch out for scare-tactics. Some energy suppliers send reps door-to-door advising you that your current provider sent them and that you have a limited window to switch companies. This simply is not the case. Your energy provider will not send someone to your door on their behalf.

Staying one step ahead will keep you protected against false claims and tricky fine-print.

Ask The Right Questions


According to House Logic, these are the questions you should ask the utility company you’re looking to sign on with:

  • Is the price per kWh a fixed price? Is there a monthly service charge or any other fees?
  • Are taxes included in supplier cost?
  • Is there a contract and how does this affect cost? Am I getting a special one-time deal?
  • Are there any other discounts and promotions I should know about like referral programs?
  • Is there a fee if I decide to break the contract?
  • For billing issues, can I contact you directly and how?


The information to help you make the best decision for your home and your wallet is out there. However, if you don’t ask, that handy data may not get to you. This straightforward initiative gives you the most knowledge about your options, and therefore, the best advantage.



Now that you have the information needed to choose the best utility company available, follow these tips to save on lighting, and get ready to brag about your money-saving savvy. Go forth and teach your fellow apartment hunting friends how it is done.

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