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7 NYC Food Halls You Need to Visit

Dining out with a group of people and can’t make a decision on where to go?
Please everyone at a food hall.

Super hungry and don’t want to look like a glutton in a restaurant?
Go to a food hall and have a bit of everything.

Visiting a city and want to taste popular foods and restaurants?
Find a food hall.

Can’t decide between Korean, Italian, or Brazilian?
Visit a food hall that offers them all!

Say “goodbye” to the days of fast food chain filled food courts. Food Hall’s are popping up all over the country, and NYC is no exception. When you choose to dine at a food hall expect a combination of artisan foods in a communal space. Making the choice to dine at a food hall has many benefits. And NYC has got plenty to choose from:

Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place

If you find yourself way downtown and in need of something to fill your stomach, head over to Hudson Eats. It’s inside the 25,000 square foot Brookfield Place — a french marketplace filled with luxury retail shops and restaurants. The huge selection of vendors, plus waterfront dining and incredible views, means this NYC food hall is well worth the trip downtown.

Notable Eats: Umami Burger
Nearby Attractions: 9/11 Memorial
Neighborhood: Battery Park City

Chelsea Market

You can’t have a NYC Food Hall list without a mention of Chelsea Market. This classic (albeit touristy) food hall has a full on fish market, sit down restaurants, food kiosks, and food-related souvenir shops. It’s worth a stop after a walk on the Highline, though prepare yourself for crowds. If you go early morning or late at night, you will encounter less people.

Notable Eats: The Lobster Place
Nearby Attractions: The Highline; The Whitney Museum
Neighborhood: Chelsea

The Pennsy

The opening of Pennsy, next to Penn Station, made the daily commute more bearable for many New Yorkers. You can forgo stuffing your face with pretzels and nuts from the street vendors, and have a much more pleasant (and delicious) dining experience. Take caution eating here before an event at Madison Square Garden as it will be crowded!

Notable Eats: The Cinnamon Snail
Nearby Attractions: Madison Square Garden
Neighborhood: Midtown West

NYC - Gotham West Market

Gotham West Market

Gotham West Market is a “retail and dining destination in Hell’s Kitchen.” It’s got eight different restaurants AND a bike shop (interesting combo, huh). The vendors line the perimeter of the building and communal tables fill the interior. It’s a fantastic place to come for after work drinks and apps as the ambiance and design is perfect for chatting. The huge selection of international food, along with the communal ambiance, makes this my favorite NYC food hall.

Notable Eats: Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop
Nearby Attractions: Javitz Center
Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen

The Bowery Market

More like an alley with food vendors than a full on market, the Bowery Market is one of the latest food court style joints to open in NYC. Down near NYU, a former mechanic shop is the home of the open air market. At the moment there are five restaurants housed in their own food kiosks. There is some seating outside, so if you are going in the winter, you will want to bundle up!

Notable Eats: The Butcher’s Daughter
Nearby Attractions: Washington Square Park
Neighborhood: East Village/NoHo

NYC - View of Manhattan Bridge

City Kitchen

This upscale food court above the Row NYC Hotel brings all NYC’s famous eateries into one convenient location. If you are a New Yorker, a stop at City Kitchen makes traveling through the crowded Times Square area more bearable. If you are visiting, this a great place to chill out and try many of the famous foods of NYC. The food hall is connected to The Row NYC Hotel’s lobby and bar. If there is no room upstairs, you can grab your food and go hang out in the hotel!

Notable Eats: Luke’s Lobster
Nearby Attractions: Times Square
Neighborhood: Midtown

Gansevoort Market

This is the market to go to if you want a more localized food hall experience, and not a tourist experience like at Chelsea Market. It’s a small space with limited seating options, in an industrialized setting. The exposed brick and lots of natural light makes the atmosphere pleasant. There are about 20+ food purveyors, so going with a bigger group of people means everyone will be satisfied.

Notable Eats: Big Gay Ice Cream
Nearby Attractions: Highline
Neighborhood: Meatpacking District/ Chelsea



If you went a little overboard and ate your way through most of these food halls, no need to fret! Work off all of that eating on a beautiful run through NYC. Considering moving to the big city? Check out our list of apartments for rent.

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