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20 Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, jelly beans. Why do we fill Easter baskets with so many traditional Easter treats? Historians says that the tradition of Easter baskets stems from the religious practice of giving up certain foods and treats for Lent. Easter symbolized the end of this period of self-denial, so Easter baskets would be filled with all the candy and treats people had given up for the past 40 days.

Today, not as many people practice giving things up for Lent, so Easter baskets serve more as a fun way to give gifts to kids on the holiday. If you would like to limit the amount of unhealthy treats in your children’s baskets this year, I have made up a list of 20 fun, non-candy items that will fit in their Easter baskets.

20 Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas - ForRent.comBooks: As a former teacher, books are always going to be on the top of my list of gifts for kids. Choose a new series that you think your child might like, or find a fun Easter themed book.

Card games: As much as kids love their video games, a game of Go Fish or Old Maid is still a good time.

Crayons: You really can’t go wrong with a notebook of paper and some fresh crayons.

Matchbox cars: If you little one is obsessed with all things that “go,” a few matchbox cars are an inexpensive addition to the basket.

Fun socks: Colorful novelty socks are a silly, but practical, addition to the basket as well.

Baseball cards: Have a budding sports fan in the house? Toss a pack of sports cards into the basket.

Stickers: Kids love stickers. Like a lot.

Playdough: Not only is playdough a fun gift, the colorful containers look great in the basket.

Bathtub paint: Washable bathtub paint makes your kids actually want to take a bath, which is a win for you too!

Chalk: Sometimes you can even find chalk shaped like Easter eggs!

Kite: When is the last time you flew a kite? Too long ago, I would guess. It’s a great experience to have with your kids.

Craft kits: Give your kids something to keep them busy during their spring break from school.

Stuffed animals: Small stuffed animals are always a favorite gift.

Bubbles: Good clean fun!

Crazy straws: Snack time is much more fun when you are drinking juice through a crazy straw!

Nail polish: Tweens like to pretend that they are grown, but they secretly like getting baskets on Easter too. Nail polish is a great idea for their baskets.

Beach toys: Summer will be here before you know it, add some new beach toys into the basket.

Yo-yo: Soon your kid will be mastering tricks like ‘Around the World’ and ‘Walk the Dog.’

Easter Gardening SuppliesGardening supplies: Teach your kids how to grow their own fruits and vegetables, and maybe they will willingly eat their greens!

Money: When all else fails, some cold, hard cash is always welcome!



From food, to family, and of course treats, Easter is an all around fun-filled time. Adding these crafty ideas to your child’s basket will spread the good times, and help to create more memories. On top of sharing non-candy items with your children, you can also spend some time decorating eggs with confetti— How fun!

Which of these non-candy Easter basket ideas will you be using this year? Would you add any more items to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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