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10 Tips on How to Control the Clutter in Your Apartment

When you’re working all day, going to class, and trying to maintain a social life, keeping your place free of clutter is no easy task. While embracing a minimalist lifestyle is a good start, there are many practical solutions that can help you keep your living space clean and organized. Here are 10 tips on how to control the clutter and make the most efficient use of your small space!

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

The less you have, the less likely you’ll collect clutter.


Organize Your Drawers

While shoving everything into your drawer seems like a good idea when you’re in a rush, it’s a total waste of space and time, because you won’t be able to find anything later.


Keep The Small Stuff Together

Whether it’s loose change, stacking rings or hair ties — it’s taking up space! Keep all of your trinkets collected in a jar or dish.


Don’t Overstuff Your Closet

If you don’t have enough room to pull out a blouse without dragging additional hangers and clothes out with you, you have way too much stuff in your closet.


Stay Seasonal

Stash your winter wear away during the summer and vice versa to make room for the clothes that you’re actually using.


Don’t Forget To Fold

It can be tempting to shove your shirts in a drawer or throw your sweats in a closet, but taking the time to fold your stuff always pays off.


Use Separators

No matter how neatly you tuck away your things, certain things have a tendency to fall over. Use separators in your drawers and closet racks to make sure everything stays put.


Creative Storage Is A Must

You’d be surprised just how much storage bins and containers can help cut down on the clutter in your space.


Stay Away From That Chair

We all have that chair that collects all of our clothes, handbags, and coats. Do your best to resist tossing your stuff on the chair after a long day.


Have A Place For Your Shoes

Shoes are usually the first thing off your body. Have a place to put your footwear so it stays off the floor and out of your way.

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