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Window Treatments for Wanderers

When you feel like you’re constantly shuffling from one apartment to the next, whether it’s between semesters, temp jobs, or life adventures, furnishing can seem futile. But even if you’re not staying in one place for long, you can still have the privacy and polished look of beautiful window treatments. Here are some stylish and easy-on-the-wallet ideas for shades, curtains, and blinds for apartment-dwellers and other short-term living situations.

Buy Blinds or Shades to Stay

For most of us, dropping a big chunk of change for home décor is not an option when we’re not going to be in one place for long. But you don’t have to break the bank to achieve privacy and style in your new digs. With their added security —and the fabulous price point— the quick do-it-yourself installation and minimal investment of blinds or shades are well worth it. Plus, you’ll have less to lug to your next apartment than if you bought cumbersome curtains! Vinyl blinds and roller shades are the most economical options and make the most sense when you’re not decorating a home you’ll be living in for years.


Blinds also can be more affordable than heavy drapes and block out just as much light if you’re lucky enough to find a sunny studio. This sturdy option is a perfect alternative for furry friends who are tempted to climb curtains. Go with gray or white blinds which will match almost any apartment decor without feeling dated. If you’ve ever heard the expression “leave the world a little better than you found it,” then think of leaving your custom window treatments for future residents as one small way to improve upon what you’ve found.


Nervous about installing window hardware in a place you don’t own? It’s best to check with your property manager first, but most property managers will overlook a few holes drilled in the window frame if you leave behind brand new custom treatments when you move.

Convert Your Curtains

Do you come bearing curtains (and plan to tote them out again when you go)? Jumbo adhesive hooks can hold up curtain rods without damaging walls, so you won’t risk losing that security deposit. Paint them to match your apartment’s walls or blend them in with the rod itself. You can also use smaller hooks to hang curtains from clips with no rod at all!

Tension rods are another inexpensive and easy way to get your favorite drapes up in a framed window with no fuss. Choose rods with the best extension possible in case the windows in your next place are far wider than your current locale.


Even small curtains you already own can accommodate big windows; just attach and remove extra panels of fabric with Velcro to resize them as needed with each move. Or use fusible web to add panels without extra bulk. If you can match the fabric exactly, you’ll get a clean and consistent look. But don’t worry if you can’t —just add a decorative trim or create an ombre effect with multiple panels each transitioning to a deeper hue.

If you’re choosing new curtains, consider that high-quality curtains will last a long time, give your windows an upscale look, and you can adjust them if needed when you move. Just make sure they’re long, and temporarily hem them up so you always have the option of extending them again. Most stores have limited length selections, but you can shop online for custom draperies that are made to your exact window size.



Want more wayfarer-friendly furnishings? Get inspired by For Rent’s DIY section and make some mobile decor that can travel with you wherever you go!

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