Thursday, March 30, 2017

Organizational Drop Zone Essentials for Your Space

Setting up a drop zone in your home can help to make you more organized and corral that clutter. These essentials are things to add to your entryway to make sure it is functional, organized and something that will work with your home’s decor. These ideas will work in any size space and are perfect for getting more organized in the new year.

Start with a flat surface that will function as the place to drop everything as you walk in the door at the end of the day. The top of a dresser, bookshelf, tray table, or any other surface will work here. I like adding a chalkboard or dry erase board first. This serves as a message and reminder center which is something that we can all use!

A tray or shallow basket is another must have in this area. This works as the perfect place to drop mail, magazines, and more. Shop the thrift store for an inexpensive piece that will work perfectly for your drop zone.

You will also need a place to drop keys and the things in your pockets. A small basket or tray will work here as well. We used a paint dipped basket that worked with the decor in this room.

I like to keep things organized in my drop zone and a mail sorter is the perfect thing! It can also serve a dual purpose and hold phones and other electronics. Look for items in the office supply area of your store that will work great for keeping your drop zone organized.

A place to drop your shoes when you walk in the door is also a requirement. Adding a chair to the area will give you a place to sit down. You can add hooks as well for coats, hats, and more. Here, the drawers in the dresser work perfectly for winter essentials that do not have to be out all year.

drop zone essentials-006

A quick and inexpensive way to corral shoes is with a baking sheet. Pick these up at the dollar store and add your shoes as soon as you walk in the door. This will keep the mess off of your floor and your drop zone looking neat.



Add these drop zone essentials to the area directly inside your door. They will help to keep you neat and organized, plus give you a place to unload your arms as soon as you get home. A functional drop zone can be placed in any sized space and be a lifesaver!

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