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Get Outside: The Most Stunning Outdoor Atlanta Activities

Atlanta is a city worth getting lost in. From its beautiful architecture to its rich place in American history to the bustling nightlife that’ll keep you going all night, even locals struggle to keep up with all the excitement. But some of its greatest attractions aren’t just in the shadow of the towers.

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If you looking to strap on some good shoes and take in the warm Georgian months, then grab a bottle of water, your camera, and a friend. From mountains or waterfalls to the little parts of the city you shouldn’t miss, heading outdoors is sure to show you a side of Atlanta you can’t pass up.

1. Bicycle Tours of Atlanta
If you want to learn more about the city, catch some of the local attractions, and gawk at some unique architecture, you don’t have to board a bus or accept that your legs will be numb by the end of the day. You can take up one of Atlanta’s bicycle tours, where you can pedal around at a leisurely pace to see the best sights of the Fourth Ward. A tour guide will accompany you to share the little-known fun facts of the area, some deeper history, and ensure you don’t miss any of the highlights whether you’re a tourist or a long-time resident. The tour includes regular stops for water, rest, picture-taking, and chit chat with the locals if you’re interested.

1. Stone Mountain Park Sky Lift Cable Car
Stone Mountain stands out against the surrounding nature as a massive beauty seemingly carved by the hand of God, with steep faces and a view from its peak to die for. If you feel like taking on the trek, visitors have described it as a hiking paradise. The winding paths will take you near its top with a chance to spot some of the local wildlife and enjoy the unique foliage. If you’re looking for an added attraction to cap off the experience, a cable car will take you high over the green to its face, where you can get up close and personal with the detailing of the mountain or take advantage of an excellent photo opportunity.

2. Cascade Springs Nature Preserve
Tranquil, stunning, and a photo op worth dying for, hiking up through the forest in this nature preserve will take you down winding scenic paths to enjoy the looming trees and the unique local wildlife. Breathe in the fresh air as you follow the wooden road to the Cascade Springs, the main event: a collection of beautiful, gentle waterfalls. If you’re not that savvy directionally, don’t worry; the preserve features several “you are here” signs and specially designed catwalks to make sure you don’t get off course.



3. Candler Park Golf Course
Sometimes the day is never better spent than with a few friends, some sunshine, and a golf ball to bat around. If you’re looking for a calming sport to get you outside, Candler Park Golf Course is a beautiful site to enjoy nature with some man-made additions to make it more fun. There aren’t any carts, encouraging visitors to hike through the hills and the well-kept trees as they get their hole-in-ones, with some local charm just outside the park if you’re looking for dinner after a fun day.

4. Zoo Atlanta
Who could turn down a day at the zoo? Zoo Atlanta has a wider range of animals than most city zoos, so as you wander through the crisp and impressive exhibits, you can get your first glimpse at panda bears, bald eagles, gorillas, a variety of snakes, otters, and all the other fan favorites such as tigers, bears, elephants, and lions. If the kiddos don’t feel like walking much, you can board the train winding throughout the zoo, or take a break in their lush garden areas. If you come for the animals, you’ll stay for the intricate paths and unique flowers filling the zoo, making you feel submersed in a jungle as much as the residents.

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When you’re not at the club taking in the music and trying the drinks, or wandering through the rich museums enjoying local art, get your shoes and get outside. There’s enough sun-shine adventure to Atlanta to keep you trekking for days — and if the city catches your heart, maybe years.

For more information about Atlanta – check out Atlanta’s Metro Page! 

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