Thursday, March 23, 2017

10 Places in Your Apartment That Need to Be Purged

Before you can tackle your Spring Cleaning, you need to purge your apartment of clutter and junk. It is amazing how much stuff we can accumulate in a relatively small living space. These ten areas of your apartment are probably cluttered as we speak, so give this checklist a quick read-through and tackle that chaos.

Utensil Drawers: With the exception of regular silverware, you don’t really need more than any one utensil. One spatula, one whisk, one serrated knife, etc. This will free up quite a bit of space in your kitchen drawers. Start by removing everything from the drawers, then throw away any ketchup packets, twist ties, and other junk hidden in the drawers. Then choose which utensils you will keep, and pack the rest away to be donated to Goodwill.

Kitchen Bookshelf: Be honest. When was the last time you used an actual cookbook to make a recipe? Most of us are using internet recipes pulled up on our phones or tablets, while our cookbooks collect dust on the shelves. These too can be donated.



Linen Closet: It might surprise you to realize that you really only need two sets of towels and two sets of sheets for your bed. One to use while the other set is being washed. If you have more linens than necessary, bag up the most worn sheets and towels and donate them to a local animal shelter.

Toiletry Drawer: Tried a new shampoo and hated it? Facial cleaner gave you breakouts? You spend good money on them, so you feel guilty throwing them away. I would be willing to wager that you have several partially used toiletry products taking up space somewhere in your bathroom. Give yourself permission to dispose of these products and recycle the containers.

Bedside Table: I know it is hard to be organized when you are dead tired, which is why your bedside table is likely a mess of things that should be stored properly, or thrown completely, away. After you have purged the table, add a small dish to corral small items like jewelry or a pretty tray to keep the clutter contained.

Closet: This is the most obvious place to begin a decluttering project. Pull out all of your clothes, accessories, and shoes, and donate any pieces you no longer wear regularly. Then choose from these six strategies to create a tidy and organized closet with the clothes you keep.

Coffee Table: Like your bedside table, your living room coffee table has probably become a drop spot for keys, magazines, mail, and other junk. Clear out what you can, then add a tray to keep future clutter contained.

Bookshelves: Bookshelves are prime storage real estate, but they can also become final resting places for unloved books, tchotchkes, and clutter. Decide which books and decor pieces you really cannot live without, and donate the rest.


Desk Drawers: Home office desk drawers are the secret shame of most apartments. Instead of neatly organized cubbies and files, the drawers are more likely to be jammed with old paperwork, dried out writing utensils, receipts, and more. Do a full purge and you will feel much lighter and productive at your desk.

Charging Station: Modern households are drowning in charging cables. Consider upgrading to a single charging station that is wireless, if possible, or uses the shortest cables available. It will drastically cut down on your cable clutter.


After you have done a thorough purge of your place, you will likely have a few bags of items you would like to donate. Before you do, take a glance at our list of items you can and CANNOT donate to Goodwill. Happy decluttering!

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